Download e-book for kindle: Anticancer Agents from Natural Products by Gordon M. L. Cragg, David Kingston, David J. Newman

By Gordon M. L. Cragg, David Kingston, David J. Newman

ISBN-10: 0849318637

ISBN-13: 9780849318634

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65, 2390, 1987. 50. R. , Antineoplastic agents. 291. Isolation and synthesis of combretastatins A-4, A-5, and A-6, J. Med. , 38, 1666, 1995. fm Page 42 Thursday, May 12, 2005 10:12 AM 51. , Isolation, structure, synthesis, and antimitotic properties of combretastatins B-3 and B-4 from Combretum caffrum, J. Nat. , 51, 517, 1988. 52. B. , Isolation, structure, and synthesis of combretastatin C-1, J. Org. , 54, 4105, 1989. 53. , Isolation and structure of combretastatin D-1: a cell growth inhibitory macrocyclic lactone from Combretum caffrum, J.

Fm Page 40 Thursday, May 12, 2005 10:12 AM of Zimbabwe and South Africa will be derived from the eventual worldwide success of the CA4 and CA1 prodrugs in treating human cancer. Those drugs should become two of the least expensive anticancer drugs of all time, greatly benefiting both African countries and their citizens. Indeed, if it were not for the NCI and Arizona State University’s Cancer Research Institute, the discovery of CA4 prodrug and its development to the present phase I and II human cancer clinical trials might have been delayed many decades or centuries into the future.

Caffrum (aka salicifolium E. ) as the Zulu charm for harming an enemy. “Some of the powdered material is heated with water in a piece of broken earthenware pot, and the points of two assegais are dipped into the boiling solution. The assegai points are brought near the mouth and the operator licks them and spits in the direction of his enemy whose name is shouted out. ” Commencing with the discovery of the combretastatins, the question has arisen many times as to whether or not some of the indigenous people of Africa and elsewhere had used extracts of C.

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