Lawrence Kruger, Barbara E. Rodin (auth.), Ralph L.'s Animal Pain: Perception and Alleviation PDF

By Lawrence Kruger, Barbara E. Rodin (auth.), Ralph L. Kitchell, Howard H. Erickson (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461475627

ISBN-13: 9781461475620

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Neurophysiological studies suggest that an endogenous analgesic system exists, which at least partly operates on dorsal horn neurons via tryptaminergic pathways. The endogenous opioids have been implicated at brain stem and/or spinal levels. Morphine, the morphine antagonist naloxone, and endogenous opioids all contribute to the elucidation of the mechanisms involved. In addition to these chemicals there is good evidence that descending inhibition can be mediated via axons containing serotonin that have cell bodies in the nucleus raphe magnus of the brain stem (19).

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Animal Pain: Perception and Alleviation by Lawrence Kruger, Barbara E. Rodin (auth.), Ralph L. Kitchell, Howard H. Erickson (eds.)

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