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The most effective works on hand for the learn of Paleo-Balkan languages, the ebook continues to be brand new even though having been written in 1976.

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Yet this view has not remained undisputed. Some archaeologists think that the new type developed organically from the Sesklo culture under a strong influence from the Cyclades and the Orient. Yet, the abrupt change, the warlike ethos suggested by the style of Dimini, and its numerous links with central Europe give much weight to the first explanation. The culture of Dimini never covered the whole of Thessaly. A la­ ter phase of the Sesklo culture (Sub-Sesklo) coexisted with it. Sites of the Dimini type have also been found in the north-eastern Pelo­ ponnesus.

4 "Protindogermanisch" With Hroznfs decipherment of the Hittite documents in 1 9 1 5 one of the two basic assumptions on which the edifice of Kretschmer's doctrine rested had lost much of its convincing power. C. 212 Download Date | 4/18/13 1:58 PM 58 PRE-GREEK regarded. 73 Kretschmer was himself strongly impressed and in­ fluenced by these discoveries and he began to change his views. He no longer thought that the Greeks were the first lndo-Europeans in Greece and the Archipelago, but believed that they were preceded there by others who spoke lndo-European languages of an older type than the reconstructed proto-language ofthe historically known lndo-European languages.

212 Download Date | 4/18/13 1:58 PM PRE-GREEK 53 single-letter suffixes not dinstinctive at a11. A non-Indo-European language of the suffixes can thus reasonably be postulated, although the current lists of place names with characteristic suffixes contain definitely too much material : many names do not belong to the language in question. uv 6oc; 7tdpLv6oc acc. ixaacx 6(cxcroc; I xs:pcxaoc; I xu7tcxp Lacroc; Xtl"t'L(jOc; I vcxpxLcraoc; VQ(j(j'(X 7tLcraoc; ' , uacroc; 'a buffalo' 'sea' 'procession' 'cherry tree' 'cypress' 'Medicago arborea' 'narcissus' 'cone' 'beans' 'lance' I 71 Cf.

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