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By David Crecraft, Stephen Gergely

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The content material has been rigorously designed to satisfy the necessities of first and moment 12 months scholars of digital engineering, communications engineering and telecommunications, following complete honours measure courses or two-year classes together with HNC/HND.

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Voltage of 10 V ampHtude and the current. Also find the amplitude of the voltage across the inductor at this frequency. 1 The decibel There are many practical applications of electronics, such as telecommunications, in which signals pass through several stages of ampUfication, processing, transmission etc. In these cases, it is required to calculate the input and output voltages, powers etc. and the gains of the various stages. 22. It consists of an ampHfier feeding a transmission Hne, which in turn feeds a second ampUfier.

The sum of voltages is, of course, a phasor sum. Recall that the voltage across the resistor, VR, is always in phase with the current and the voltage across the capacitor, vc, always leads by 90°. The phase difference between the current and the generator voltage v is 0 as indicated. 32) If the amplitude of the generator voltage, v, is assumed to be the same at all frequencies then the locus of the triangle of voltages is a circular arc of radius v. A simple explanation of the behaviour of the circuit can be given as follows.

The voltage across the resistor is always proportional to the current. 31) again. 67) Note that the same result can be obtained by the substitution: Vc cj•J'''=hl^' c — / idt = - -,/RC^ (l - e-'/"^) It is sometimes helpful to consider the behaviour of analogous physical systems. In this case, Hquid filled communicating vessels can be compared to RC circuits. 29 shows the two analogous systems. Assume that the level (and therefore the pressure P at the bottom) of the larger vessel remains unchanged by the removal of the small volume of liquid required to fill Pc ^"T^R 4 ^ V^R Pipe large container - ^ Tap PP Small container Fig.

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