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By Morris Halle and Jean-Roger Vergnaud

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An Essay on pressure offers a common idea for the characterization of the strain styles of phrases and words encountered within the languages of the global. the guts of the idea is constituted by way of the formal mechanism for characterizing "action at a distance", that's a different case of the formalism wanted for the development of constituent structure.Morris Halle is Institute Professor at MIT. Jean-Roger Vergnaud is Professor of Linguistics on the college of Maryland and Senior Researcher on the Centre nationwide de l. a. Recherche Scientifique and the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Informatique Linguistique in France.

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We illustrate the effects of the Domino Condition in (66), where above the central line of phonemes we have copied the line 0 constituents after the application of Dorsey's Law, and where below the central line we have given the constituent structure resulting from the repair action of the Domino Condition. (66) All the forms with an even number of syllables are subject to the rule of stress deletion, which destresses a mora to the right of a stressed mora. The application of this rule yields the attested distribution of stresses.

The principle (21) will insure that any rime marked [ + H] will receive stress. However, the diacritic [ + H] should not be equated with the feature [ + stress]. (Hayes 1980/1, 59) In sum, in order to deal with these two suffixes Hayes's system requires a diacritic that marks particular elements as heads. If specific morphemes may be marked with the diacritic, there is no reason why syllables with branching rimes should not also be marked with the same diacritic. But if that is the case, one can dispense with the distinction between quantity-sensitive and quantity-insensitive feet altogether, thus reducing the expressive power of the theory.

The stress pattern of nonfinal sequences of open syllables will follow automatically from this procedure if we assume that the construction of the binary constituents respects the heads previously marked (by rule or otherwise). 6 (40) b. a. The manner in which we have chosen to respect previously established metrical structure is not the only one logically possible. Instead of proceeding as just suggested, we might assume that the rule constructing constituent boundaries first constructs the constituents of the previously marked heads and then only constructs the constituents over the elements that 6 The stress pattern of Aklan is essentially identical to that of Tübatulabal, where, as noted by Prince, a.

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