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By Arunas Liulevicius (ed.)

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Elliptic features and Riemann surfaces performed an immense position in nineteenth-century arithmetic. this day there's a nice revival of curiosity in those subject matters not just for his or her personal sake but in addition as a result of their purposes to such a lot of parts of mathematical examine from staff idea and quantity idea to topology and differential equations.

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Algebraic topology is a easy a part of glossy arithmetic, and a few wisdom of this quarter is critical for any complex paintings in terms of geometry, together with topology itself, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, and Lie teams. This e-book presents a close therapy of algebraic topology either for lecturers of the topic and for complex graduate scholars in arithmetic both focusing on this region or carrying on with directly to different fields.

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To begin with, for the generalisation below, we will not use the assumption that acts freely. The stabiliser of 0 in Aut(D) is the circle, acting in the obvious way. This is just the case β = 0 in the general description above. If is discrete, its intersection with this circle is a discrete subgroup of the circle, which must be a finite cyclic group. So the stabiliser of 0 in is a finite cyclic group Z, say. It follows easily from the discreteness of that we can choose a k < 1 such that if γ ∈ is γ (z) = (αz + β)/(βz + α), where |α|2 − |β|2 = 1, and if |β| ≤ k|β|, then γ is in Z.

Z − z2n ), and where F : X → C is the projection to the z factor. Then = {z1 , . . , z2n } and π1 (C \ ) is generated by 2n loops γ1 , . . , γ2n , where γi is a standard Chapter 4 : Maps between Riemann surfaces loop going once around zi . The degree d is 2, and the representation ρ maps each generator γi to the non-trivial element of S2 (a transposition of the two objects). In traditional language, we make cuts along n disjoint paths joining z2i−1 to z2i for i = 1, . . , n. Then we take two copies of the cut plane and form X \ R by gluing these along the cuts.

E. that for any two points a, b in X+ there are disjoint open sets U, V containing a, b, respectively. If a and b lie in the copy of X0 in X+ , this is clear: we just take corresponding open sets in X0 . So suppose a lies in X0 and b is the point corresponding to 0 in D. Then F0 (a) is not equal to y1 in Y, so we can find a small neighbourhood N of F0 (a) in Y \ which is disjoint from a smaller disc D2 ⊂ D1 containing y1 . The open sets F0−1 (N) and {0} ∪ φ −1 (F0−1 (D2 )) are disjoint in X+ and contain b, a, respectively.

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