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This quantity of the Encyclopaedia comprises contributions on heavily similar matters: the idea of linear algebraic teams and invariant idea. the 1st half is written via T.A. Springer, a widely known professional within the first pointed out box. He offers a entire survey, which includes various sketched proofs and he discusses the actual positive factors of algebraic teams over unique fields (finite, neighborhood, and global). The authors of half , E.B. Vinberg and V.L. Popov, are one of the such a lot lively researchers in invariant conception. The final two decades were a interval of energetic improvement during this box because of the impact of contemporary equipment from algebraic geometry. The publication might be very invaluable as a reference and study advisor to graduate scholars and researchers in arithmetic and theoretical physics.

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Proof. This follows immediately from the theorem. 2. If x is a non-zero p-adic integer, then we can write x = prne for a non-negative integer m and e E ZP . Proof. Let x = {xn} E 7LP , xn = ao + alp + + anpn, 0 < ai < p. Since x # 0, there exists a non-negative integer m such that xn,, # 0 mod prm+l, and assume m is minimal; then for k < m we have xk = 0 mod pk+l and x,n # Omodpm+l, so by the choice of xn we have ao = = a,,,1 = 0 and 0 < an,, < p. Putting Yn = a. 1 49 and m+n n xn - pmyn = aip2 - ajpj = 0 mod pn+1 ajp?

2. Let g = kan (g E G, k E K, a = diag(a1i a2, ) E A, n E N) and assume that q(gry) > O(g) for all ry E I'; then al/a2 < 2/V. Proof. By the previous lemma, there exists n' E NZ C r such that h = (hzj) := nn' E N112 and so in particular 1h121 < 1/2. For 7 = diag( 01)lm_2)) 0 , 01 gn ,ye = gnt (0 1, ... , 0) = kat (h12,1, 0, ... , 0). Applying the assumption to n'ry E I' instead of 'y, we have al = O(g) 0(gn''y) = (aih12)2 + a2 and hence a2 > ai(1 - hi2 t) 2 > (3/4)ai follows. 3. yEr 0(g'Y) and g'yo E S2/v,1/2.

Thus we have, for a quadratic form Q and the associated bilinear form B, Q(x + y) - Q(x) - Q(y) = 2B(x, y), Q(x) = B(x, x). A quadratic module (M, Q) is considered as a symmetric bilinear module with respect to B. So, M = (A) means (B(vi, vj)) = A for a basis {v2} of M. For a quadratic space V over a field F, we put T(V) :_ ®m=° ®m V, ®°V := F, ®1V := V, where ® denotes the tensor product over F. ®vn E ®m+nV This is well defined and T(V) is called the tensor algebra of V. Denoting by I (V) the two-sided ideal of T (V) generated by v ® v - Q(v) (v E V), we put C(V) := T(V)/I(V), which is called the Clifford algebra.

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