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Elliptic features and Riemann surfaces performed a tremendous position in nineteenth-century arithmetic. this day there's a nice revival of curiosity in those subject matters not just for his or her personal sake but in addition as a result of their functions to such a lot of components of mathematical examine from workforce thought and quantity idea to topology and differential equations.

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Algebraic topology is a uncomplicated a part of sleek arithmetic, and a few wisdom of this quarter is essential for any complex paintings with regards to geometry, together with topology itself, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, and Lie teams. This booklet offers a close therapy of algebraic topology either for academics of the topic and for complex graduate scholars in arithmetic both focusing on this quarter or carrying on with directly to different fields.

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Geometrically, the reason the funny subgroup Tl 2 arises is that 0(z, T) is 0 at the special point of order 2, namely, \ (T+l) € i / L / A - , and a b it is easy to check that ( J cF. i(T+l)to |(T'+l)mod 2 if and only if z |—> z/(c T+d) carries A r where f» = (a T+b)/(c T+d). (O, T) of one variable T. Note then that the functional equation of 0(0, T) reduces to: l *(0,(aT+b)/(cT+d)) = C(cT+d) 2 *(0,f) 8 where C 2 s 1, C as given in Theorem 7 . 1 . This will show that 0(0, T) is a modular form in T in the following sense: 37 Definition 9 .

Q f l _2_ . *nn(0f * (z) 00 11 One of the most important facts about the ^ -function is the differential equation that it satisfies. In fact, using the obvious facts (from the above equation) that (i)^(z) = $> (-z), (ii) the expansion of <£(z) at z = 0 begins with z -2 and (iii) the constant rigged so that this expansion has no constant term, it follows that: ^ (z) = J - + a z 2 z2 4 + bz +# #m ^ n e a r Therefore, 3 fr «(z) = - - 2 + 2az + 4bz + Z3 z = o# 27 and hence $'(z))2=4--^-16b+... z6 z* z6 z2 But 0 so that (^'(z) 2 -4^(z) 3 + 20 a ^(z) = -28b + .

Thus K • Mr Mod « © Mod, k k«ZZ+ is a graded ring, called the ring of modular forms of level N. 2. £ 2 (0, T), * 2 (0, T) and * (0, T) are modular forms of weight 1 & level 4. Proof. To start with, condition (a) for 0 2 (0, T) amounts to saying that C , QO the 8th root of 1, in the functional equation ( F ^ is 1 1 when (* j j ) « r ™ is immediate from the description of C (in fact, we only need c even and d = 1 (mod 4)). We can also verify immediately the bound (b)(ii) at co for S 40 2 £ (0, T).

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