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5) because i- tali though it's a simple service it's a profound service Tom Marion Just as it is unlikely that two people will give identical accounts of what in their view was the essential gist of a conversation, so it is most unlikely that any two transcribers will pick on precisely the same features to represent in their transcriptions. It's unlikely that they will even notice all the same features . What you notice will to some extent depend on the particular purposes for which the transcription is to be used.

A mutually agreed 'hearing' for the lunch invitation extract is much more difficult to reconstruct because no contextual cues are provided. However, this is a transcription of tape-recorded speech made for the purposes of research into what details of talk matter in interaction. The transcription is therefore not primarily intended for readers other than the researcher. Rather, it is intended as a reminder to the researcher of their particular 'hearing' of what was said. Repeated and detailed listening to the actual recording on which the transcription is based is the 35 Analysing Talk researcher's basis for how to interpret and therefore 'hear' the transcription.

Oh, God,' said Betty. ' 1 said. 'I feel so sorry for her,' said Betty. 'Don't feel too sorry for her,' 1 said . 'It's curable. ' (Nora Ephron, Heartburn (Pan Books, 1986) pp. 8 Now compare your rev ised text with the transcribed extract from the film version of the book (see page 56). In the film the conversa- 40 Transcribing the organisation of talk tion is face to face and takes place during a chance encounter in a supermarket. Those with access to the film version will be able to compare the actors' performances with their own choice of verbs of saying etc .

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