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By Yuji Shimizu and Kenji Ueno

ISBN-10: 0821821563

ISBN-13: 9780821821565

Shimizu and Ueno (no credentials indexed) reflect on numerous features of the moduli conception from a posh analytic standpoint. they supply a quick creation to the Kodaira-Spencer deformation concept, Torelli's theorem, Hodge concept, and non-abelian conformal thought as formulated through Tsuchiya, Ueno, and Yamada. in addition they speak about the relation of non-abelian conformal box idea to the moduli of vector bundles on a closed Riemann floor, and exhibit tips to build the moduli thought of polarized abelian forms.

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Then E is said to be (semi)stable, if for all subsheaves F ⊂ E with 0 < rk(F ) < rk(E) one has μ(F )(≤)μ(E). Note that this is equivalent to our stability condition p(F )(≤)p(E). 10 — Examples of stable or semistable bundles are easily available: any line bundle is stable. Furthermore, if 0 → L0 → F → L1 → 0 is a non-trivial extension with line bundles L0 and L1 of degree 0 and 1, respectively, then F is stable: since the degree is additive, we have deg(F ) = 1 and μ(F ) = 1/2. Let M ⊂ F be an arbitrary subsheaf.

I − 1 and let Fj be the preimage of Ej+1 /Ei for j = i, . . , − 1. The induction hypothesis applied to F gives 24 = Preliminaries and Ej /Ej−1 ∼ = j=1 Since E1 ∼ = Ei /Ei−1 , we are done. Ej /Ej−1 . 3 — Two semistable sheaves E1 and E2 with the same reduced Hilbert polynomial are called S-equivalent if gr(E1 ) ∼ = gr(E2 ). The importance of this definition will become clear in Section 4. Roughly, the moduli space of semistable sheaves parametrizes only S-equivalence classes of semistable sheaves.

If g : T → S is an Sscheme we will use the notation XT for the fibre product T ×S X, and gX : XT → X and fT : XT → T for the natural projections. For s ∈ S the fibre f −1 (s) = Spec(k(s)) ×S X ∗ is denoted Xs . Similarly, if F is a coherent OX -module, we write FT := gX F and Fs = F |Xs . Often, we will think of F as a collection of sheaves Fs parametrized by s ∈ S. 1 — A flat family of coherent sheaves on the fibres of f is a coherent OX -module F which is flat over S. 1 Flat Families and Determinants 35 Recall that this means that for each point x ∈ X the stalk Fx is flat over the local ring OS,f (x) .

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