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Ora and easy connection identifier formats (Oracle Database 10g only) for the connect string. Make sure to enter the correct information in the logon dialog box. If you make a mistake, SQL*Plus will reprompt you for your username and password but not for the connect string. This is annoying when you are connecting to a remote database. After you have successfully logged into your database, the SQL*Plus screen will look much like that shown in Figure 2-4. 51 52 Figure 2-4. The Windows SQL*Plus GUI At first glance, the Windows version of SQL*Plus doesn't seem to add much to the command-line version because it implements only a simple, scrolling window into which you type commands.

Using copy and paste, I can pull out a subquery and execute it independently without losing track of the larger query I am building. I can easily comment out part of a WHERE clause when debugging a query and then uncomment it later. A good text editor lets you manipulate query text in powerful ways that GUI interfaces do not. Almost anything that you want to do with an Oracle database can be done using SQL*Plus. You can write scripts to automate routine maintenance tasks, report on the state of your database, or generate ad hoc reports for end users.

If you have loaded the tables previously, and you know that they exist now, then you should answer with Y. Now you can just sit back and watch while the script creates the example tables and populates them with data. You'll see progress messages such as these: Creating employee table... Creating project table... Creating project_hours table... Creating projects... Creating Employees... Creating employee time log entries for 2004... Thank-you for loading the sample data! Please press ENTER. The entire load process should take less than a minute.

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