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By Norman W. Schur

ISBN-10: 0345298632

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In accordance with the competition that we don't utillize speech to its fullest quantity, this consultant is a vital aide to unlocking our "passive" vocabularies and constructing a keener appreciation of the richness of language.

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A swaggering show of bold courage is called bravado. Bullies are much given to bravado. Evel Knievel is a notable practitioner of bravado, but he is a poor show when it comes to Idi Amin, whose bravado, when he was in power, matched his bulk. The word comes from bravata, which is both Italian and Spanish. Its Spanish origin evokes the image of a matador turning his back on the bull with apparent indifference to danger. brickbat (brik' bat) n. A brickbat is a cutting remark, an unkind criticism.

It usually appears in the phrase old bromide, like the ones on greeting cards that make you yawn or cringe, depending on your sensibilities. Old-fashioned politicians make speeches almost entirely composed of old bromides. Bro­ mine is a very smelly chemical: the name was taken from French brome\ the French got it, appropriately enough, from Greek bromos (stench), and the English added the common chem­ ical suffixes -ine for the element and -ide for the compound. brook (brook) vb. To brook something is to tolerate it, to put up with it.

Celibate (seT a bat or sel' a bate) is the adjective. Catholic priests take the vow o f celibacy. They promise to remain celibate. ” which stresses companionship without sex. One gets the feeling this movement will be short-lived. From Latin caelebs (unmarried). champion (cham' pee an) vb. When you champion a person or a cause, you are supporting, defending, arguing in favor of him or it. Southern Democrats champion states’ rights. Northern liberals champion financial support of the arts by the government.

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